Top 10 Cars For Japan.


It is 2017 and many people are looking to replace their cars with new ones as it is necessary to make travel more easy and comfortable one. The new cars are fitted with lot of new gadgets and advanced technological improvements. Petrol, Diesal, Hybrid and EV’s are taking the human race to next level commuting experience. All the cars are computer controlled and can understand the drivers need.

Top 10 Cars For Japan.

Abarth 500X
Price: US$ 30,000

Alfa Romeo 5 Series
Price: US$ 42,000 up

BMW 5 Series.
Price: US$ 60,000

Aston Martin V8 Vantage
Price: US$100,000 up

Audi A6
Price: US$42,000 up

BMW 3 Series
Price: US$38,000 up

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta
Price: US$ 1.5 million (All 209 units are sold out)

Honda Civic Type R
Price: US$ 39,000 up

Land Rover Discovery
Price: US $50,000 up

Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster
Price: US$ 122,000 up