New and Used Car Prices.

New and Used Car Prices in Colombo, November 2017.
Here are some suggested price for some selected car models according to the Colombo Car Market.
Prices may change without notice and will depend on the exchange rate too.

Toyota Prado TRJ 150.        Rs 11,000,000/-
Mitsubishi Montero 2017  
Rs 16,950,000.00
Land Cruiser URJ 202. Model 2017.
Rs 26,950,000/-
Honda Fit GPS. 
2016 Model.                 Rs 5,395,000/-
2015 Model.                 Rs 4,850,000/-
Honda Vezel Z Grade.                            Rs 5,490,000/-
Honda Grace GM4.  Model 2016.         Rs 6,250,000/-
Honda Grace GM4.  Model 2017.         Rs 6,475,000/-
Suzuki Spacia MK428. 2016 Model.   Rs 3,275,000/-
Suzuki Wagon R Stingray 2017.        Rs 3,250,000/-
                               R FZ Model 2017.       Rs 2,995,000/-
                               R FX. Model 2017.       Rs 2,775,000/-
Suzuki Every. 2015 Model Manual        Rs 2,550,000/-

C-HR Model 2017. 1200cc.         Rs 8,250,000/-
Sienta. Model 2017                      Rs 6,500,000/-
Premio NZT260. 2017 Model. Rs 8,375,000/-
Allion NZT260. 2016 Model.   Rs 7,495,000/
Aqua. 2014 Model.                       Rs 4,690,000/-
Aqua NHP 10.                              Rs 4,675,000/-
Hiace KDH 201 GL. Diesel.        Rs 7,450,000/-
Harrier 2017                                Rs 12,500,000/-
Vitz 2017                                        Rs 3,595,000/-

Pre-Budget 2018 Price effect.

According to the new Budget following car model duty (prices) may increase in the year 2018 by these amount.
Honda Grace                                        Rs 750,000/-
Honda Vezel                                         Rs 750,000/-
Toyota Aqua                                         Rs 750,000/-
Toyota Prado                                        Rs 750,000/-
Toyota Prius (Hybrid)                        Rs 1000,000/-
Mitsubishi Outlander-Hybrid          Rs 1000,000/-
Nissan X-Trail-Hybrid                       Rs 1000,000/-
Toyota Axio                                          Rs 750,000/-
Toyota Premio and Allion                 Rs 200,000/-
Toyota Land Cruiser                           Rs 1250,000/-

High end fossil fueled car prices are expected to be increased by Rs. 2.5 million.
Super luxury vehicles with engine capacity of more than 2,500 cc are to get special high taxes.

Duties for the following cars are expected to go down in the year 2018.

Nissan Leaf EV (electric car)     Rs 1000,000/-
Suzuki Wagon R                           Rs 400,000/-
Toyota Vitz                                     Rs 400,000/-

Sri Lanka Car importers and sellers are looking for reduced prices on certain capacity, EV and Hybrid car prices to be come out through the Customs with reduced taxes in the coming year 2018 after the newly passed budget by the Sri Lanka parliament.
Further more some car importers believe that unloading new Japan cars in the Colombo harbor will reduce the handing and transport rather than the Hambantota harbor. This too can help the prices o9f the cars in the coming year.

Three Wheels in Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lanka Government prefer brand new cars rather than the second hand – used cars to be imported from japan to control the air-pollution and they are expected to offer special tax cuts for the EV cars and the hybrid ones which are imported in to Sri Lanka in the near future. Already they have plan to promote the three wheels that will run on electric power. Currently Tuk Tuk three wheels are dominating the Colombo street s with their petrol and diesel engines.
In the year 2018  Rs 50,000/- tax increase may apply to the three Wheeler to promote the electric three wheels usage. Every year they used to pass the Green test before the renewal of their Revenue licenses although it is not enough to control the sir pollution in the capitol.