USA Calling Card Information.

USA Calling Card Information.


People living in the USA used to purchase much calling cards than the other country people. They used to call their families and their offices regularly even if they are traveling to other part of the world. Calling cards which are used to call from USA or to the USA are purchased and used under very strict control. The American Government and its States are trying to protect their citizens from the fraud companies and individuals who promise longer talking time but don’t respect their offer. They use to provide advice to the sellers and the potential buyers about the rules and regulations that should cover the purchase. Many of these distributors were prosecuted by the law authorities for providing wrong information and or faulty production.

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How to avoid Street Attacks in Rio 2016.


Lot of innocent U.S visitors had been attacked by street boys during the Rio 2016 Olympics. Many of them had lost their valuables including their Smartphones. Most of the Rio street boys are poor and they want some thing to sale and feed themselves. While the street boys on the bikes are well organized and target tourists and work with their learned tricks and skills.

To survive their attacks on the street you must be well prepared while don’t try to harm them as the police is always with them and will support them against a foreigner.  First of all look the local people well and find what kind of dresses and foot wear they are using. Then go to near by small shops and exactly the same dresses with the patterns and colors. Then find the sandals that they are using and buy and wear them. Never buy from Departmental stores or boutique shops. If you happened to buy from there keep them to used in your own country. So try to look like as a local Brazilian man to avoid troubles.
Learn some words in Portuguese like – go away, don’t have, don’t like, why and so on.
Never carry your Smartphone in hands.
Don’t try to play Pokemon Go in Rio as someone else will grab your device and will play the game in some other place later.
Forget about the camera as you will invite the trouble.
Don’t wear foreign caps,  sun glasses, fancy and expensive wrist watches, neck and hand chains made of gold.
Carry minimum amount of money that you will need and it is too to be placed in all pockets. Never carry your purse.
These will attract the street boys.
When going for some shopping, don’t go alone, go with some friends and don’t buy lot of things at a time. Don’t keep the bags in both hands. Hold them in one hand.
When coming out of the store don’t rush. Stay cool and look around for boys holding glue bottles or staying near to bicycles. If safe only hail a taxi otherwise get back in to the shopping center.
When climbing in to a bus don’t use both hands to hold the bars as the thieves wait for the moment to clean your pockets at the bus stands when both your hands are holding the side bars.
Local people may signal with their eyes about the dangers around you.
Also give care to look what the people are looking around them when waiting for bus, in market and so on.
If people look in to your eyes, say “Bom Dia” this what they are looking for. If any thing is wrong in that area they will signal to you.
Don’t accept offers from minor people as they are placed as traps.
When making calls from public phone booths look on the entrance side.
As a visitor go to the Corcovado in day time only.


iPhone 7 To Be Released On September 7th, This Year?

Everyday internet news readers are going crazy with every days’ news on the leaked iPhone 7 videos, news and images. most of these people are followers of the iPhone from the beginning of its invention. They want to put their hands on this latest iPhone device that is going to be released under the name iPhone 7.

Now there are rumors running on that the device is going to be announced by the Apple Inc in the USA by 7th of September 2016 at an event that will have mostly the invited guests and the media people. Also you can expect to see the event through the video conferencing in the internet on this day.

So far there are no information on the screen size, memory capacity and the price. Once it is announced the iPhone 7 will be available all over the word during the Christmas and New Year holiday season as usual.
Source: Blue Nile.

Turkey Back to Democratic Path After the Failed Coup.

Turks took to street to save their 52% of people supported Democratic Government as some of the Army personal tried to over throw the Government. Currently score of coup related army personal are surroundings to Army police while there are some explosion sounds were heard in Capital Ankara.
Turkey’s President called the nation and said that he is in full control of the country and the coup had failed. Further more he said that the coup supporters will pay a heavy price for their treason to Turkey. People were carrying Turkish flag and were seen on the Army tanks that were deserted on the streets.

Turkey is one of the NATO member and it is one of the important partner to the American defense sector in Europe. So America is looking at this coup as a serious event and is following the development over there.

Credit Card From Singer Sri Lanka.

Credit Card From Singer Sri Lanka.

Singer now offers Credit Card to its Sri Lanka Customers. Recently launched its Singer branded credit card through Singer Finance, with VISA international under the hire purchase program to Sri Lanka. This Singer-VISA credit card will help their customers to purchase products with ease. The new Singer VISA credit card application forms are available at any one of the 435 Singer and Singer Finance Branches across Sri Lanka.

This Singer credit card is good to be used at merchants who accept credit cards across Sri Lanka and the card holders can withdraw cash from ATM machines that are connected with the VISA network. Also it allows users to use it worldwide over 14.0 million merchants, as well as to withdraw cash from more than 2 million ATMs in more than 200 counties.

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