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buy phonr cards online

Buying phone cards online for to make cheap calls at any time to any destinations. Most of the people used to buy phone cards to call back their homes, businesses and friends. Calls are mostly made when they are traveling in a foreign country.

Mean while students and business people who used to travel overseas are the other personals who are looking for cheap calling methods to

call their homes. These phone cards used to be available in the internet as virtual phone cards too. They can be purchased in the online websites that are accepting credit cards as payment mode.

Some of these cards are good for calling overseas and not suitable for making local calls. Most of the companies’ sale their low priced phone cards over the internet. Purchase can be made using the internet payment methods as PayPal and many more online payment methods.

Before you are going to buy a calling card, check in the internet which websites are providing the best rate for your country. Because a calling card which is good for calling Philippines may not be good for to call India or Sri Lanka.


If you are calling a number in Philippines from USA a certain calling card may give you 60 minutes of call time. But the same card may not give you even 6 minutes to call a number in Sri Lanka from the USA. So you must search for the correct card for calling a particular country from the country where you are staying.
If you find a good card in a particular website and if you trust them, become as a member in that web site by giving your personal information and creating an

account for you which will be a password protected one.
Then you log in to your control panel and purchase the desired phone card. You can select the price from $5, $10, $20 or in your desired currency you wish to

pay. Also check on how to topup the card from them when you need more calling minutes.

Purchased amount can be sent through PayPal or to the given Bank account number of the distributor. Once the payment is done you will get your card and

pin through email or can log in to your account and collect it through their web site.
These cards can be recharged once the calling time is over by making your foreign calls.
What else you have to check for?
Check whether there is any expiration date is provided.
Check for their softphone.
Find how to check the remaining balance.
Check when you buy a new card how to proceed with the old card while making a call.

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Nokia 6 Coming Soon.

You may think this is a fake news. It is true that the once mobile phone giant Nokia is coming in to the Smartphone sector as a player. With the simple mobile phones Nokia looked as unbeatable king in the phone industry through out the world. But after the introduction of Smartphones, iPhone and the Samsung started to beat it in every market sector. Nokia struggled to be in the market but lost hope. It tried Smartphone devices with Windows operating system which was lacking popular Apps at that time and it went to the collapsing stage. Then Microsoft bought Nokia and it too couldn’t compete with the other market players And now HMD comes with new Smartphone in to the market as Nokia 6.

Nokia 6 is to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress around Feb 27, 2017.

Nokia 6 is going to be in the market soon. This is not a top level Smartphone priced at US$ 800. It is a medium priced one with a price tag od US$ 250 and it is targeted Asian countries. Specially China.

The Nokia 6,  with Google’s mobile operating system, Android Nougat, comes with a 5.5-inch full HD (1920×1080 pixels) touch screen, 4GB of RAM, 64GB internal storage, 16-megapixel auto focus camera, 8-megapixel selfie camera and Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor. Metal on the sides, fingerprint scanner on the front, looks like Samsung Galaxy S7.


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Free International Call providers.

Free international calls are provided by VoIP service providers, messenger service providers and through and mobile Apps. Most of the messenger services along with the mobile Apps provide free international calls. While the VoIP service providers used to provide this service as a test facility of 1 – 3 minutes. All the providers request the people to become as a member to allow this service. Most of these services are limited to land lines located world wide. Mobile phone calls are normally expensive. So very few service providers offer the call facility to mobile phones.

Free International Calls.

When free international calls are searched, the first coming result will contain the Skype program. They are leaders for this service where they provide paid and free calls along with video calls. To use their service you have to become as a member in their service. To achieve fee calls your family members and friends too must be registered members in the Skype service. Then only they can have free international call facility.

Skype offer members to login through their Smartphones, PC, Laptops and through their tablet to make calls, messaging and file sharing facilities.,

Viber too is another popular International call provider for its members. They too offer free call facility within friends while they offer paid calling facility too for their members. To activate this service you have to buy call credits from them. Login to your account and then purchase call minutes using your credit card through their online purchasing facility.

When purchasing any call minutes, you must read the service facility and refund facility before you do the purchasing. Some programs used to expire the paid call minutes after some months or days. So get a clear idea of the payment, call prices and user agreement with the provider.

Free calls are achieved through free Wi-Fi along with free call providers only.

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Christmas and New Year Greeting Cards

Christmas and New Year Greeting Cards.

Christmas and New Year greeting cards take important place during the holiday season. All over the world people used to send greetings to their relatives and friends. Corporate companies too send their seasonal greetings to their customers and clients. There are two popular ways to send them to your loved ones. First through internet. The second one is through postal mail.


Which method is the good one.

The internet is the fastest way to reach people with your greetings. You can select good greetings by searching through the internet. Take note some of these greetings may be copyrighted one. if you want to use any of the copyrighted one you must get permission from them or buy them if they are posted as for sale. Think about these and decide on it.

You can send these cards through emails, can post them in the Facebook, Twitter and Google + like pages. Your friends who are visiting their social media page, they can view your greetings. If they are addicts and always logged in their account it will reach them immediately.

Use the Apps to send Seasons Greetings.

If you are using Smartphone, you can use any of the popular Social Apps to send Christmas and New Year Greetings. Most of the Apps have lot of pre designed greeting that can be modified by the user. Users can select any one of them,  can write suitable text and can send it to their friends. Many Apps do charge for the advanced services while most of them offer them for free.

Best Way to Send Greeting Cards.

The best way to send a greeting card is to go to your stationary stores or gift stores and to select a card. Send it by postal mail.
yes this will be most appreciated by the receiver. You had personally went to a store and selected a special card. Written your special message. Went to the post office and posted it to that person. Means you took your time and spent some money to make that person happy. The card will be remembered for years with love.

So decide which way you want to send your Xmas and New Year greeting cards.
Love and care are the best thing you can give to a person during this holiday season and that’s what people are looking too from a kind hearten person.


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Samsung Year End Smartphone Promotion in Sri Lanka.

Galaxy G610F J7

Samsung year end promotion are now taking place in Sri Lanka. Every year seasonal sales used to be announced here as most of the people expect for it. Nearly all the brands and companies used to look for this opportunity to boost there sales. And people too are ready to spend lavishly during these holiday season. TV advertisement, Radio advertisement, Newspaper and electronic hoardings too are doing their best to attract customers are who are ready to spend money.

In this manner the Samsung too has announced price reduction along with some special presents for each and every Smartphone purchase.
Galaxy G610F J7 Prime 4G 2016 Model price Rs 41,550/-
Galaxy J710F J7 4G 2016 Model price Rs 36,700/-
Galaxy J Max 4G Model price Rs 29,250/-
Galaxy J510F J5 4G 2016 Model price Rs 31,000/-
Galaxy J3 4G 2016 Model price Rs 23,100/-
Galaxy J201F J2 4G 2016 Model price Rs 22,300/-
Galaxy J120F J1 2016 Model price Rs 15,400/-

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